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Mountain biking holiday in Limburg

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Mountain biking through the South Limburg hills 🚵🏻♂️

Where else in the Netherlands can you have such an epic mountain biking experience as in the enchanting South Limburg? Here, in the undulating south of our country, endless possibilities unfold for beginners and experts alike. Experience a variety of trails including quiet paths, challenging climbs, and technical descents that will get your heart racing.  It is no wonder that South Limburg is nicknamed "The Paradise for Cyclists and Mountain Bikers."  And for the perfect base to rest and recover after a day of adventure, Resort Mooi Bemelen offers luxury holiday homes where you can spend the night in style.

Pedal and spend the night in paradise 🏡

Stay in style while experiencing the ultimate mountain biking adventure in South Limburg's picturesque Resort Mooi Bemelen. Amidst the magical city of Maastricht and the historic town of Valkenburg, we offer vacation homes that can accommodate 4, 6, or even 12 people, equipped with all the necessary luxuries. Enjoy five beautifully appointed beds, a fully equipped kitchen, and luxurious bathrooms. Step out onto your own personal terrace and immerse yourself in the peacefulness of nature that surrounds you. Here's a golden tip: transform your mountain biking adventure into a multi-day vacation and discover countless routes. 

    Gulpen route

    25-kilometer advanced tour including steep climbs and fast descents.

    Vijlen route

    A very challenging 26-kilometer trail for experts with a high-low difference of up to 580 meters.

    Brunssummerheide route

    A 19-kilometer ride through a beautiful area with diverse terrain for advanced MTB riders.

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What previous guests have asked us

🚵🏻 Can I rent a mountain bike from you?

Yes, you can rent a bike with us. We offer regular bikes, mountain bikes, and e-bikes.


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