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Luxurious holiday homes in the area of Maastricht

The historical city of Maastricht is a wonderful place to enjoy a holiday. Maastricht happens to offer quite a lot: great shopping, enjoying yourself on a terrace, taking a boat ride or going into nature in the area surrounding Maastricht. Combine the cozy atmosphere of the city with the beautiful nature surrounding it and experience a wonderful holiday. Maastricht will welcome you with open arms.

Holiday resort Maastricht

Resort Mooi Bemelen is located at a mere 20 minute drive from this beautiful city, making it the ideal base camp for visiting Maastricht. Whether you are looking for a weekend away or want to enjoy Maastricht for a longer period of time, Resort Mooi Bemelen ensures a comfortable holiday. This holiday resort in the area of Maastricht is situated in a wooded area and offers a view of the Bemelerberg. The immediate surroundings of Maastricht offer you the chance to hike, cycle and enjoy yourself for hours. The park features many facilities, including a wellness center, restaurant, wine bar as well as an indoor &amp outdoor swimming pool.

At the moment we are working hard to turn Camping Mooi Bemelen into a resort. The park is not finished yet, construction is taking place. We are trying to minimize this as much as we can. Unfortunately, it's possible that you will experience inconvenience as a result.

Holiday homes Maastricht

If you're going for a weekend away in Maastricht, you can spend the night in the luxurious holiday homes at Resort Mooi Bemelen. We offer 4-person holiday homes, 6-person holiday homes and 8-person holiday homes. If you would like to enjoy a long holiday in Maastricht you are also at the right place at this holiday resort. The holiday homes are furnished quite luxuriously and equipped with all the comforts you could wish for. Spending the night near Maastricht becomes a true pleasure.

Attractions Maastricht

Maastricht offers too many attractions to name them all. We would especially like to recommend to walk around in the center, where the past and present alternate quickly. Below you'll find some tips regarding attractions in Maastricht:

  • Fort Saint Pieter:On top of the Saint Pietersberg you'll find Fort Saint Pieter, which is largely intact. From here you'll have a magnificent view of Maastricht, the Maas as well as the surrounding area.
  • Caves: Discover the caves of the Saint Pietersberg. Let a guide take you through the maze of thousands of tunnels in complete darkness.
  • Casemates: on the west side of Maastricht, you'll find a network of tunnels and mine galleries. Very impressive to walk around in.
  • Churches: There are many churches, monastaries and cathedrals in Maastricht. Among them are the Saint Jan's Church, the Onze Lieve Vrouwekerk and the Sintervaos Basilica.
  • Market with city hall: a cozy market with an imposing city hall, offering a rich history.

These are mainly tips for discovering Maastricht's rich history. But a holiday in Maastricht will also offer the chance to go shopping and experience Maastricht's culinary specialties. Be surprised by the many restaurants, bars and cafés. Particularly when the sun is out, a terrace on ’t Vrijthof or on the Market in Maastricht is a wonderful place to spend some time. And the surrounding area around Maastricht has a lot to offer as well!

holiday maastricht
holiday maastricht

Holiday homes Maastricht

Are you going away for a weekend to Maastricht, then stay the night at the luxurious holiday homes at Resort Mooi Bemelen. There are 4 person holiday homes, 6 person holiday homes and 8 person holiday homes. But if you are looking to enjoy a longer holiday in Maastricht, then this holiday park is also great for you. The holiday homes are very luxuriously furnished and fitted with all the amenities. Staying overnight in Maastricht is a real treat.

Maastricht sights

There are too many things to do in Maastricht to be able to name them all. We recommend taking a walk through the city center, where the past and present intertwine. Below you will find a few tips regarding the sights of Maastricht:

  • St. Peter´s fortress: On the St. Peter´s Mountain lies St. Peter´s fortress, largely intact. From here you have a beautiful view of Maastricht, the Meuse river and the surrounding landscape.
  • Caves: Explore the caves of the St. Peter´s Mountain. Have a guide show you the way through the labyrinth of thousands of tunnels in complete darkness.
  • Casemates: On the west side of Maastricht you will find a network of alleyways and mining galleries, making for a very impressive walk.
  • Churches: There are a lot of churches, convents and cathedrals to be found in Maastricht, under which the "Sint Janskerk", "Onze Lieve Vrouwekerk" and the "Sintervaasbasiliek".
  • Market with town hall: A friendly market with an impressive town hall and rich history.

These are some tips as to what to do to discover the rich history of Maastricht. However, during a holiday in Maastricht you can also have fun shopping and enjoying the the Maastricht gastronomy. Let yourself be surprised by the amount of restaurants, bars and cafes. Especially if the sun is out, it is very nice to spend some time at the terrace ´t Vrijthof or at the market in Maastricht. The surrounding areas of Maastricht have lots to offer as well!