Carnival in Limburg

Of course, nowhere do you celebrate Carnival, or Vasteloavend, better than in South Limburg.

Whether you like Carnival or not, at Resort Mooi Bemelen you are always at the right place. A quiet holiday park, close to the cities of Valkenburg and Maastricht, which have been taken over by the carnival celebrating citizens.

After you have plunged into the festivities in one of the surrounding cities, you can completely relax in one of the luxury holiday homes and you can get rid of your hangover with a refreshing and brisk walk in the beautiful hilly landscape.

Important dates for the unique 'Vasteloavend' (Carnival)experience in South Limburg.



The 11th of the 11th

On the 11th day of the 11th month, Maastricht is turned upside down. Various Limburg artists will be performing from early in the morning until late in the evening at the Vrijthof. This is an event that you should not miss!

Large Parade Maastricht

On Carnival Sunday, the large parade will make its way through the center of Maastricht, ending at Vrijthof. At the end of the parade, Carnival will really kick off in and around all of the pubs in Maastricht.

More information about all of the Carnival activities in Maastricht can be found at the Carnival association's website.


Auw Wieverbal

The Auw Wieverbal (Old Lady's Ball) starts on the thursday before Carnival in Valkenburg. Click here for more information about the tradition and the program.

The Cannon from the Balcony

On Saturday, you can celebrate carnival on the market square of Sittard.

Large Parade Sittard

In Sittard too, the parade will make its way through the center on Carnival Sunday.

One week prior to Carnival, the children's parade will make its way through Sittard on Sunday. A great taste of what's to come during the large parade.

You'll find more information about the Carnival activities taking place in Sittard at