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A cycling adventure

The surroundings Bemelen have a plethora of bicycle nodes, which you can use to create a cycling route that is perfect for you. You determine the distance and the destination yourself. How about a trip to Valkenburg or Maastricht? A map with the bicycle nodes is available at the VVV Zuid-Limburg.

More Near the park


At just under a twenty minute-drive from Resort Mooi Bemelen, Maastricht is the perfect city to explore. This provincial capital is known for its exuberant life, its many museums, and hours worth of shopping.


After just a 10-minute drive you will find yourself in Valkenburg. This town is known for its beautiful sights and fun activities, such as the Christmas market, and its old city walls and gates. Walking through the city or relaxing on one of the many outdoor cafés that Valkenburg has to offer makes for a great day out.